Software Developer, welcome to SD-TOOLKIT!

We are your third party!

The present-day software development process is a complex, resource consuming and expensive task. One of the most effective methods to decrease the cost and speed up delivery is to use software components from third party vendors. Save your time and resources from solving complex engineering tasks but concentrate on your customer specific business rules and modeling. This is a right way to make your product out of concurrence!


Based on our experience and competence we have created several so called software developer kits (SDKs). The process of integration is easy and transparent. For more details see a list of our products. In general, each kit encapsulates specific functionality and usually contain following parts:


We try to keep our licensing policy flexible and out of complexity. After you install SDK to your developer machine, you can use Demo Application to validate the functionality. Typically the Demo application is a complete Software application developed for demonstration features of SDK. You can start to develop your code immediately, however several functionality will remain locked without license. After evaluation, you have to purchase either Individual Developer License or Enterprise Developer License. The Developer License must be activated on the Developer computer. This will unlock the functionality of redistributable components.


Our support engineers will assist you during your software development process providing necessary material regarding the SDK components functionality, it usage and distribution. Contact support center.