ANPR SDK for Windows. Licensing

General Information

To be able to commercially redistribute the SD-TOOLKIT ANPR SDK runtime components as a part of your software you have to own a Developer License Key. The Developer License Key should be purchased and activated for each software developer working with the SDK. There are two types of licenses available: Individual Developer License for single developer and Enterprise Developer License for up to six developers within same company.

After installation of the SDK on your computer you have 30 days trial evaluation period to verify the functionality. During evaluation period you have fully functional version. The evaluation version may NOT be used commercially other than to evaluate the product with the intention to purchase the full, registered version.

The SD-TOOLKIT ANPR SDK for Windows is royalty free for solutions where only single instance of ANPR Engine is runnig. This mean, that having a valid Developer License Key as a part of Developer Subscription is enough and no additional licenses or other expenses are needed to commercially redistribute the SD-TOOLKIT ANPR SDK runtime components as a part or your application.

A Developer Subscription provides access for Individual Developers or Corporations to support and upgrades within whole subscription period.

Server Runtime License activation is required on each PC where multiple instances of the ANPR Engine are running, for example, processing multiple video streams in parallel.

To activate Server runtime license extend your application with the following code:

  1. Create an instance of ANPREngine passing your developer license key:
    new AnprVideoEngine(<Your developer license>);
  2. Use instance of AnprLicManager to check valid and to activate Server Runtime License.
    AnprLicManager licMgr = new AnprLicManager();
    licMgr.Init(<Your developer license>, "");
    if (!licMgr.IsRuntimeLicenseActivated())
         licMgr.ActivateServerRuntimeLicense(<Runtime license Key>);

It is forbidden to distribute SD-TOOLKIT Barcode reader runtime components as a part or other SDK or commercial library.

License lifecycle

  1. Download and install the SDK.
  2. Once you are satisfied with SDK quality get a Developer License Key by ordering Developer Subscription
  3. Re-install the SDK on dev pc and enter a valid Developer License Key to activate it.
  4. Modify your application code to pass Developer License Key as an input parameter to either SDTAnprCreateImageEngine(...) or SDTAnprCreateVideoEngine(...) if you are calling native api, or to constructor of SDTAnpr.AnprImageEngine or SDTAnpr.AnprVideoEngine if you use .NET framework interfaces.